“If I could give you one gift, it would be curiosity.”

I wish I had a curiosity potion (and since I’m wishing I want my potion to have the side effects of a good night’s sleep and a day’s worth of a charming personality). I would give it to all the people I know who want better relationships.

There‘s a whole separate universe in that person across from you. Different thoughts. Different feelings. Different experiences. Each is a whole new world to explore. It’s true for siblings. It’s true for co-workers. Maybe that’s a scary idea for some. To me it’s exciting.

Being with someone is an amazing opportunity to see the same thing,a meal, a podcast, an argument in a whole new way. If we can be curious we can get a totally different perspective.

If only we could be curious instead of obsessed with being right. I can have one experience and someone else can have another one. That doesn’t make me wrong. It just makes us different.

So without my magic potion, how can we be more curious?

1. Get calm.

2. Get secure.

3. Get in the habit of asking questions.

4. Wait for answers.

5. Keep listening and asking and listening until we find understanding.