Self Esteem Can Be Built But We Need Help

Self esteem is the confidence we have in ourselves to adapt, get along, and eventually thrive no matter what life throws at us. Here are a few keys to building your self esteem or your self confidence.

1. We’re not born with good self esteem. It’s built. We have to try new things, figure them out, and then be good at them. Repeat. The encouragement we get matters here. It takes courage and with a little or a lot of encouragement to try that new thing. Who encourages you?

2. We can’t build it on our own. We can’t see ourselves so we need mirrors. If those mirrors don’t give us an accurate view of ourselves then we don’t know what we truly are. When it comes to self esteem the people around us are our mirrors. Are they giving you an accurate view of yourself?

3. You can only build self esteem by trying and mastering new things.

4. You can take your self confidence with you.

5. Your self esteem is to you what gasoline is to your car. Self esteem can run out and you can’t go on if you don’t get more of it.

If your self esteem is low. There’s your work.

One of the best things about therapy is that a therapeutic relationship can correct years of bad mirroring and a lack of encouragement. If you’d like to do that work with me, check the link in my bio to set an appointment in person or online.

Love, – c