Sexual Health Defined

Thank you Doug Braun-Harvey for this definition and for being you. .


Doug is a rockstar in my tiny world of therapy and sex therapy. I’m so lucky to have had Doug as a teacher in my sexual health program at Michigan. Doug introduced sexual health and sexual health models to my world. We tended to think first and most about “sexual problems” and Doug is helping us shift our perspective from a problem focus to a sexual health focus..

The first time I saw Doug, however, wasn’t in class it was online with @estherperelofficial via her online training program called Sessions. Next I saw him live in NYC with Esther. I think I’ll be forever star struck by Esther. So, I wondered how much confidence do you have to have to correct Esther live in the middle of her presentation to 300+ people. That’s what Doug did. Later I found out that Doug and Esther had made a deal. She asked him to help her better refine her language. In hindsight, Doug and Esther modeled consent for all of us in a non-sexual setting. .

Check out the aspects of sexual health. Are you getting all these out of your sexual relationships? Are you giving them? If not, there’s your work.